Your new defi feline friend.
Bringing together the world of cats and crypto.








Phase 1

Silent Launch & Webpage

  • Launch Cats Token on the Arbitrum blockchain
  • Release the Cats Token website, which will include information about the token, and its vision
  • Introduce Whiskers, the cat that fell in love with crypto and inspired the creation of Cats Token

Phase 2

Community Building & Listing on Decentralized Exchanges

  • Focus on growing the Cats Token community through social media and online forums. This will involve an incentive program where rewards are offered to top Shillers.
  • Build relationships with other crypto communities and collaborate on projects
  • List Cats Token on popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to increase accessibility and liquidity Partnerships with respected callers

Phase 3

Developing the Ecosystem

  • Implement features that enhance the user experience and provide added value to the community
  • Introduce new use cases and partnerships to increase the utility of Cats Token
  • Roll out a program to incentivize community members to refer new users to the Cats Token ecosystem

Phase 4

Charity & Giving Back

  • Establish partnerships with animal shelters and rescue organizations to support and give back to the cat community.This will include working with cat - related startups, pet stores, and other relevant organizations.These partnerships will help increase the visibility and usage of Cats Token within the cat community.
  • Donate fundings collected by the Cats Token to charity initiatives
  • Host fundraising events and campaigns to raise awareness and support for animal welfare causes

Phase 5

Mainstream Adoption & Expansion

  • Expand the Cats Token community to include cat enthusiasts from around the world
  • Foster partnerships with companies and organizations that align with the Cats Token vision and mission
  • Explore new blockchain technologies and opportunities for growth and expansion

Whiskers, the cat, with fur as red as fire, Fell in love with crypto, its allure and attire. He roamed through the networks, with grace and with glee, In search of the secrets, that only crypto could see.

With a flick of his tail, and a sparkle in his eye, He learned of the mysteries that lay up high, Of blockchains and hashes, and digital wealth, And knew he had found his true self.

He purred with delight, as he mined for more, Of this digital gold, that lay in store, He traded and hodled, and never did sell, For in crypto he found, true happiness and well.

So if you ever see, Whiskers in the night, With a smile on his face, and a purr just right, Remember that love, can come from surprise, And a cat with whiskers, found love in the crypto skies.